He clarified that as soon as reports of the incident appeared, the association phoned all the largest agencies with which they collaborate.

“Two-thirds reminded me that they don’t have exit collectors at all ... This morning we can say for sure that these are not the collectors that are part of NAPKA,” said Mehdiyev of the Moscow Talking radio station.

The head of the association called for a thorough investigation and publicly disclose the names of those involved in the attack and related organizations.

“The news, which went everywhere, says that they introduced themselves as bank employees. Therefore, I have a big request to the media not just to say “collectors”, but collectors of which organization: a bank of such and such a microfinance organization, such and such an agency, ”he emphasized.

Earlier, the police began a check on the fact of shooting with a pneumatic pistol at a man with a child in Krasnogorsk.

It was reported that unknowns could be collectors.