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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sought legal advice on the possibility of suspending Parliament for five weeks in order to prevent deputies from being able, if necessary, to force a new extension of Brexit, as reported by Sunday 'The Observer '.

According to some emails recently exchanged between government advisors that the aforementioned newspaper has accessed, Johnson would have asked the attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, if Parliament could be closed as of September 9, shortly after the return of the summer break, on 3 September.

The Sunday said it could be a concerted plan aimed at deputies not extending the deadline for leaving the country of the European Union (EU), set for October 31, in case Johnson failed to forge an agreement with Brussels before that date.

In an email sent by Executive advisors to another Downing Street advisor, written in the last 10 days, it is clear that Johnson requested information about the legality of that movement.

Some Labor deputies and tories favorable to the European Union (EU) have reacted with indignation on the grounds that the closure of Parliament, as a method to prevent an abrupt exit from the "potentially disastrous" EU from being blocked , would be an "affront to democracy "in addition to" deeply irresponsible. "

"Any plan to suspend Parliament at this time would be appalling. The deputies must seize the first opportunity to abort that plan and curb a Brexit without agreement," said Brexit Labor Leader Keir Starmer.

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, a prominent Tory supporter of the stay in the block, said, according to the Sunday, that if that information is correct "shows the disregard of Boris Johnson by the House of Commons (...). Excluding Parliament from a national crisis that threatens the country's future is totally wrong. "

For his part, Johnson, who is this weekend in Biarritz participating in the G7 summit, has urged the 27 to dispense with the Irish "safeguard" - protocol designed to avoid a physical border - in order to reach a agreement with the EU.

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