It is confirmed that the 7th Mobile Command Force and Army Special Forces, including the Navy's Aegis, King Sejong the Great (7,600t), participated in the Dokdo Defense Training, which began today (25th).

It is reflected in the military's willingness to defend Dokdo's sovereignty and not tolerate repeated incidents such as Russian military aircraft's invasion of Dokdo over the air.

According to the Navy, this year's Dokdo Defense Training, which was held this morning under the name of `` East Sea Territory Training, '' was the first to participate in the 7th Navy, including the Aegis, King Sejong the Great.

Founded in 2010, the 7th Mobile Wing is the Navy's most advanced force, including the King Sejong, three Aegis destroyers, and a Chungmu Yi Sun-Shin (4000t) destroyer.

King Sejong, the first Aegis destroyer of the US Navy, commissioned in December 2008, is equipped with the SPY-1D radar-based Aegis combat system to detect aerial targets such as guided missiles and aircraft up to 1,000 km away.

Over 1,000 targets can be detected and tracked simultaneously, and more than 20 of them can be attacked simultaneously.

Army special forces also participated in this training for the first time.

The Navy and Navy Navy ships included about 10 ships including the King Sejong, and 10 aircraft including the F-15K of the Air Force.

A Navy official said, "The power invested this time is about twice the size of the previous year."