▲ In October 2013, U.S. Naval Special Forces (UDT / SEAL) and Maritime Commandos members performed Dokdo defense training.

Our military has entered the Dokdo defense training this year, which has been postponed since morning (25th).

Three days after the government announced the end of the ROK-Japan Military Information Security Agreement (GSOMIA / Jisomia), it was interpreted as the second response card to Japan's wave offensive, which neglects dialogue and diplomacy.

The Navy said, "Today, tomorrow, the East Sea territory protection training will be carried out." Naval and maritime ships, navy and air force aircraft, army and marines troops participate in the training. "

Following this, the military explained that the training will be called 'East Sea Territorial Training' in consideration of the meaning and scale of the training in order to further strengthen Dokdo's willingness to protect the territorial sea.

The military has delayed considering Dokdo defense training, which was scheduled to be held in June, on the relationship between Korea and Japan.

Last month, Japan's economic retaliation was considered to be effective before and after the Liberation Day.

The Pentagon has maintained ambiguity until recently, saying, “The timing and scale are under consideration,” to reporters asking for a Dokdo defense training program this year.

However, it is reported that the government's current trend has changed since Japan has shown no signs of slowing economic retaliation against Korea.

A military official said, "The training scale is larger than usual."

The government, however, seems to have made a clear commitment to defending Japan against denying that Dokdo is Korean territory while minimizing unnecessary diplomatic controversy.

Accordingly, the name of this drill was called `` East Sea Territory Training '' instead of `` Dokdo Defense Training '', which was used until last year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)