At the same time the celebration is being organized for the sixth year in a row the Mantorp Classic Festival where classic cars are the focus.

The weekend will offer exhibitions and parades with classic sports cars, as well as performances with several well-known drivers - including Formula 1 driver Reine Wisell from Motala.

- Yes, I've been driving here a lot, but it's been a long time now. It's great to come back here.

See an interview with Reine in the video below.


Hear racing legend Reine Wisell tell us what it's like to be back at home Photo: Tobias Holmqvist / SVT

Michaela Månlycke is one of all the drivers who will show up on the track this weekend. On Friday she tested a Formula 2 car for the first time. This weekend she will be driving racing star Alex Ribeiro's classic F2 car from the 70s under the name "Jesus Saves".

How was it?

- It was incredibly funny! It tickled my stomach.

See an interview with Michaela in the video below.


Hear racing driver Michaela Månlycke tell us about his first ride in a Formula 2 car Photo: Tobias Holmqvist / SVT


Hang around Mantorp's track in a Ferrari 360 Modena Photo: Tobias Holmqvist / SVT


Pictures from the inaugural competitions at Mantorp Park 1969 Photo: SVT