Berlin Philharmonic show for the first time in 17 years

Russian-born Kirill Petrenko was appointed as the principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the world's best orchestras.

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, formerly known as Karajan's chief conductor, Petrenko was appointed as the new chief conductor and the first concert was held on the 23rd.

It is the first time in 17 years that the chief conductor has changed in the Berlin Philharmonic.

At the concert, Beethoven's symphony No. 9 “Ninth” was played, and Petrenko shook the tactile forcefully, sometimes moving the whole body violently in front of about 2,400 spectators.

After the performance, we were greeted with a standing ovation from the audience, and we were surrounded by shattering applause and cheering “Bravo”.

From the audience, there were many praises such as “It was wonderful. I was glad Mr. Petrenko came to Berlin” and “The melody was rich and modern”.

The concert was broadcast at about 150 movie theaters in Germany and abroad for a fee, and it was broadcast live in 4K to classic fans around the world with the technical cooperation of Japanese telecom companies.

Petrenko plans to conduct an outdoor concert on the 24th in front of the Brandenburg Gate in the center of Berlin, and the mood to welcome the new chief conductor is spreading locally.