A lung patient from the US state of Illinois died last week due to a disease presumably caused by smoking e-cigarettes, ABC News reports. This would be the first death due to illness from electric cigarettes.

The local Illinois health service reported the death, but did not provide details such as the patient's name, age, origin, and date of death.

193 people from 22 US states are currently suffering from severe respiratory diseases due to electric cigarettes, authorities report.

Whether the diseases are actually caused by e-cigarettes has not yet been definitively determined. This is still being investigated. All 193 patients are, however, users of electronic smoking products and it is excluded that these are infectious diseases.

Possible danger of e-cigarettes not yet established

There are still many different views and studies about the potential danger of e-cigarettes. For example, a British study from 2015 claimed that electronic smoking products were 95 percent less dangerous than normal cigarettes.

In 2018, however, a study suggested that the e-cigarette might be more harmful than previously suspected, because certain substances in the vapors of an e-cigarette can damage immune cells.

Previous studies also point to the possible damage to blood vessels or to the prevention of wound healing. Scientists also found traces of lead and other toxic metals in e-cigarette fumes.


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