The summit organized in France was to be the occasion of a commitment of the digital giants for more transparency on the internet. But the quarrel between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump has changed the situation.


This should be one of the trophies of the French presidency of the G7: put all the major players in the digital world around the same table, and have them sign a charter for "an open, free and secure internet," according to an edited document by the Elysee and consulted by Europe 1. But according to our information, the quarrel between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron on the Gafa tax has changed the situation.

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A volatile event in the official calendar

Google, Facebook, but also the French Qwant were to appear hand in hand to fight against hatred on the Internet, cyber-harassment or online terrorism, in line with the call of Christchurch. The signature was scheduled Friday at the Elysee ... Except that the event has disappeared from the official agenda. The charter is no longer available on employees' work loops.

"Donald Trump prevents them"

Officially, at the Elysee as Bercy, it explains that it is only a postponement. We plead the agenda conflict and we swear that the charter is still under discussion. Except behind the scenes, a participant blows that the American giants will not sign publicly. "Donald Trump prevents them," he said, referring to a retaliatory boycott of the French tax on digital denounced by Washington.

Emmanuel Macron wanted a G7 photo with the Gafa around him, but he will only talk about the internet on Mondays with heads of state.