Israa Hussein - Canada

The Canadian government discloses from time to time that many immigration files to Canada have been submitted by fake offices or fraudulent agents, whether those offices or delegates at home or abroad.

These offices are suspended and their owners punished if they are inside Canada, but outside the government there is no power to do so.

The fate of immigration applicants is also eliminated. How can those who want to immigrate to Canada take the right path in immigration steps and how can they know if these offices are not being defrauded?

The ideal lawyer?
Edward C. Corkin, one of Canada's most prominent immigration and asylum lawyers, tells Al Jazeera Net that those wishing to immigrate to Canada pay a lot of money to some of these offices inside or outside the country and are not sure whether they are real or fake or have government licenses. It may lose those large amounts as well as the loss of effort, time and long waiting times.

Korkin adds that an immigration applicant can shorten that by assessing the immigration file through a Canadian lawyer.

He justifies his advice that if the applicant becomes circumvented, he or she can complain through the Canadian Law Society.

He explained that al-Kindi is aware of the country's law, and that lawyers specialized in this field are known and hold a work permit in immigration files by the government.

The lawyer must be confidential to the secrets of his client may not disclose any private information only to the authorities responsible for immigration files.

The lawyer, after the evaluation session between him and the client and through his experience, determines whether his file complies with the requirements of immigration or not, or if there are some items that must be worked on or developed.

One of the reasons for the Canadian preference - according to Korkin - is that the client can make sure that there is any complaint against the lawyer or if excluded from work, by searching for his name and license number registered with the Canadian Law Society.

300 thousand immigrants annually
Korkin says that Canada accepts about 300,000 immigrants every year, including about 60,000 refugees and the rest are immigrants, so the options to immigrate to Canada are multiple investment, talent migration or skilled labor migration program and other programs,

When a lawyer receives information from the immigration file, he or she can determine according to which program the applicant can apply and not waste the client's time. The lawyer knows these programs and their conditions set by the Ministry of Immigration and the Government.

How to find what you are?
Korkin explains to Al Jazeera Net that our world today is small with the presence of the Web, and who wants to immigration and looking for a qualified lawyer and qualified to enter the site of the Canadian Law Society and search for specialized lawyers where a list of lawyers and their assistants certified by the Association and the government and from various provinces.

Through this site, the applicant can obtain full information about any lawyer and experience, and send him his files and information.

Korkin warned that the information contained in these files must be correct, because if foundations Canadian institutions are incorrect, this is reflected negatively on the file of the immigrant and the result of rejection.