Weekend protests against criminal extradition legislation took place in Hong Kong yesterday. It's already been 12 weeks. Unlike last week's rally, protesters and police clashed again, tear gas and Molotov cocktail.

This is a report from correspondent Beijing Song Uk.


Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters Protesters with gas masks and helmets throw bricks and Molotov cocktails.

Demonstrators and police clashed yesterday near the Hong Kong Kwun Tong area police station.

Twenty-one million people took part in a week-long peaceful demonstration of tear gas again.

28 people were arrested and injured in the clashes.

Thousands of protesters yesterday called for the withdrawal of criminal Indian legislation and the removal of 'smart street lamps' that the Hong Kong government is putting on the streets.

They even tripped some street lamps, claiming that surveillance cameras on street lamps could invade privacy.

[Hong Kong Citizen: I don't know what the government will do with the data from the surveillance cameras. That's why we go out into the streets and speak up against the dictatorship.]

Earlier, Hong Kong Railway Co., Ltd. sued the subway near the protest site and was protested by protesters and residents.

Some demonstrators tried to obstruct traffic to the airport, but were less successful due to less participation.

Concerns about China's involvement in the armed forces have increased, and Hong Kong's opposition groups are planning a massive rally today.