• Government crisis, Zingaretti sees Di Maio: Pd and M5S divided on a Conte bis, but the negotiation starts
  • The Pd-M5S negotiation for a new government is underway. Pd Sources: "No insurmountable problems"
  • Orlando, Pd: "There are no insurmountable obstacles between us and M5s"
  • D'Uva, M5S: "Asked the Pd guarantees on parliamentary cuts. There are no other tables"
  • Government crisis, closed the first day of consultations at the Quirinale


24 August 2019

Ultimatum of the 5 Star Movement to the Democratic Party. In the next few hours, at the latest by tomorrow morning, the secretary dem Nicola Zingaretti must give a definitive answer on the hypothesis of Giuseppe Conte's return to Palazzo Chigi. This is the reasoning made by the vice premier and pentastorked political leader Luigi Di Maio during the meeting last night with the leader of the Democratic Party. The matter of Conte bis is a priority for the grillini, who on the negotiating table have also imposed the issue of the immediate scheduling of the cutting of parliamentarians, the first of the ten points listed by the vice-premier at the Quirinale after the first round of consultations.

But in the background, M5S sources recall, the Northern League oven is still far from extinguished. In a part of the starry parliamentary group the following reasoning is made: "Zingaretti wants to use us to go to the vote, but he must remember that there is always the League, which is desperately looking for us, to the point of offering Chigi to the Movement ..." . However, to reopen the Carroccio parenthesis, those closest to the president of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, have no desire. This is also why the anti-dem releases of some big stars (see Gianluigi Paragone and Max Bugani) are immediately 'silenced' by the Orthodox: "The various Bugani, Paragone could silence and respect the work that Di Maio is doing in this phase. the mandate of the assembly is clear, resign yourself ", tweeted Giuseppe Brescia, collecting the placet, among others, of Luigi Gallo, Roberta Lombardi and Paolo Lattanzio.

And in the parliamentary corpaccione more 'left' can not exclude possible farewells in the event that the M5S should opt for a return to the arms of Matteo Salvini closing definitively to the dem. "It is premature to say it but it is probable", one deputy admits off the records. In the fragmented pentastellized mosaic there is no lack of those who look at the ballot boxes as a more plausible epilogue: "If the Democratic Party really rejects Conte it is over and we vote", Stefano Buffagni's position.

Meanwhile, according to the Adnkronos from sources close to the world of Rousseau, in the last few days the pressing against Davide Casaleggio would have been mounted, to which some of the elected representatives more favorable to the agreement with the PD would have asked to "take the field" to speak directly with Zingaretti and reasoning on 'level' names. At the request, they say, there would have been no follow-up because it was overtaken by events (ie the meeting between the M5S-Pd group leaders and that between Di Maio and Zingaretti).

And on the hypothesis - advocated by Paragone - of putting the agreement with the Democratic Party on the Rousseau platform as it did last year with the League, the same sources explain that Casaleggio would certainly not put it sideways: but to hold the vote , is the reasoning, "must be the political leader".

Count: delicate phase for the present and the future
"Coming to Biarritz, France, where I will participate in the G7 with the main world leaders. These are delicate phases for the present and the future of our Nation which, however, cannot make us look away from the great global challenges that are inevitably reflected on our country ". To write it, on Facebook, is the premier Giuseppe Conte.

Tomorrow work tables Pd
"The six round tables for the dossier program will be held tomorrow at 3 pm to be compared with the M5S. Work continues on defining the programmatic objectives, from institutions to the economy, from welfare to sustainable development, starting from the priorities set in the document unanimously approved by the management, which gave a mandate to the secretary Zingaretti to verify the conditions for the birth of a legislature executive ". Thus in a note the coordinator of the Pd secretary Andrea Martella.