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We can, ERC and Bildu fan the mobilizations against the G7 summit


With the PSOE still in time to seek parliamentary support to achieve the investiture of Pedro Sánchez and avoid other elections, his potential partners, those whose votes are cr

  • Interior.Marlaska acknowledges that "infiltrated" radicals will try to boycott the G7 summit in Biarritz

With the PSOE still in time to seek parliamentary support to achieve the investiture of Pedro Sánchez and avoid other elections, his potential partners, those whose votes are crucial for the formation of a government in September, are sowing the way of understanding mines. Several of those who must be Sánchez's allies, whether by vote in favor or with abstention, have decided to participate this weekend in the protests against the G-7 summit held in Biarritz ( France ) and in which he participates as guest Sanchez himself.

While the acting President of the Government participates in meetings with the main world leaders, the parties with which he aspires to be invested by Congress will be on the street fueling the mobilizations against those same meetings. Among them is Podemos, which three days ago sent a proposal to the PSOE to form a coalition government in which they would occupy a vice-presidency and three ministries. There are also ERC and Bildu, which already abstained in July in the failed investiture, a key circumstance for Sanchez to be elected.

In this way, the acting president may be forced to explain to Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump or Angela Merkel why their potential allies are those who encourage mobilizations against the G7 summit. Leaders and positions of United Podemos, Bildu or ERC will be the main actors in the mobilizations and protests. A fact that makes it clear not only that its policies are far from being able to meet, but that such a government, if there is one, will be difficult to maintain.

The counterpoint

Arnaldo Otegi and Marta Rovira - leader of EH Bildu the first and leader of ERC fugitive from Justice the second - will become today the main protagonists of the conferences that are being organized in Irún by the counter-summit, which organizes, among others , the G7-NO platform.

Both will participate in one of the blocks dedicated to the "exchanges between nations without a State", in which Europarliamentary Pernando Barrena and Jean Lui Talamoni will also participate . Rovira will do so by videoconference, since she is fleeing from Justice in Switzerland for her participation in the organization of 1-O and the proclamation of the independence of Catalonia .

Mobilizations and counter-summit are also promoted by United We Can. IU and the PCE call to demonstrate and participate in this alternative event. In addition, four members of United Podemos - all Basques, but members of the national parliamentary group - will participate actively in conferences today, with topics such as free trade agreements, housing, climate change and feminism and social movements, taught by Roberto Uriarte , Pilar Garrido , Juanma López Ugalde and Amaia Gorrotzategi . Podemos Euskadi will also have a presence in the counter-summit with participation in different events and events.

Although the dome of Podemos has kept a scrupulous silence about the G-7, the party announced that it participates in this summit on the same day that Pablo Iglesias sent Sanchez his new coalition government proposal. However, the purple formation does not see contradictions in it: "I do not see any incompatibility with being in the counter-summit and wanting to be part of a Government of Pedro Sánchez," says deputy Roberto Uriarte. The claims of this counter-summit are supported from the national leadership and, therefore, the presence of party members is supported "on a propositive level in the talks and debates".

"The village of associations"

"I think that 100% of the PSOE militants would sign that it is the UN that has to make decisions on the issues discussed at the summit and not just seven rulers," says Uriarte, to point out that they will not attend the demonstration of tomorrow, although there is no slogan since his party about it.

The truth is that in the operations center of the counter-summit at the headquarters of Ficoba in Irun, in what is called "the village of associations", Podemos is not present.

EH Bildu, on the other hand, seems to want to make a good return on its activity. A large tent with its acronym protects a stall in which the abertzale coalition sells all kinds of merchandising of ETA prisoners. Cups, flags, ashtrays, pens or t-shirts with the motto in Basque "the prisoners home", in a space that shares with groups of support for refugees, anti-evictions, feminists or environmentalists.

"The fact that there are politicians does not distort that this is a socially based movement," says Anabel Sanz , spokesperson for the G7-NO platform. "We don't ask the parties to come. We agree on some ideas and those who share them are here." And he clarifies: "It is difficult for a PSOE to come here with the immigration policies it has."

Today's day will end with an assembly, closed to the public, in which the movements participating in the counter-meeting will agree on the document that will end the demonstration tomorrow, which will link Hendaye with Irun.

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