Japan-US Trade Negotiations “Still Issues” Tomorrow to talks 11:25 on August 23

The US-Japan trade negotiations were held on the 23rd in Washington on the 23rd, but it was decided that the initial schedule would be extended and that the discussion would be held on the 24th, as there were still issues remaining. .

The trade negotiations between Japan and the United States in Washington were held for about 4 hours from the early morning of 23rd Japan time to the ministerial discussion on the second day by the Minister for Economic Revitalization Mogi and the Trade Representative for Lightheiser.

After the discussion, Minister Mogi told reporters that “discussion has boiled down considerably,” indicating that discussions have progressed in all areas, including the focus on agricultural and industrial products and digital trade. It was.

On the other hand, “We are negotiating with each other for national interest.“ I can see the summit ”I said in the previous discussion, but I have to give wisdom how to climb” It has been clarified that the initial schedule will be extended by one day and the discussion will continue on the 24th.

Regarding the negotiations between Japan and the United States, it is expected that opinions will be exchanged over the timing of the conclusion at the Japan-US summit meeting that is expected to coincide with the G7 summit opening in France on the 24th. It is expected that the two sides will continue to explore acceptable compromises, focusing on issues that remain unclear.