Those registered for now to the independence demonstration of the Diada on September 11 have fallen 25% compared to last year, with 37,500 people, the lowest figure in six years, according to the data of the organizing entity itself, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC).

Through a statement, the ANC has reported the figure, which implies that since registration is required, in 2013, this year is the one that has registered a worse number of participants in which it is the most relevant concentration to measure the strength of independence.

Six years ago, three weeks after the Diada, 350,000 participants had already registered.

Despite the drop in registrations, the ANC believes that the September 11 demonstration will once again be "massive" because they have already sold, say, 180,000 shirts and have booked 450 buses , a figure similar to last year.

The motto of this edition will be "Objective independence" and the epicenter of the demonstration will be the Plaza España of the Catalan capital and the branch of Gran Vía, Tarragona street, Creu Coberta, Paralelo and María Cristina avenue.

The demobilization to which the data points, although there are still several weeks left for the appointment, arrives in a climate of discrepancies between JxCat and ERC for the independence strategy to follow and after several former Republican leaders have even affirmed that they will not attend the event because They believe that an "anti-party" climate will be breathed.

The editions with the highest number of registered were those of 2014, the Diada prior to 9N; that of 2015, a few days before the elections of September 27, as well as that of 2017, a few weeks after the illegal referendum of October 1

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