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23 August 2019

Found the agreement on the fate of the 356 migrants on board the Ocean Viking ship. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced it on Twitter: "Malta will transfer these people to Maltese military ships in international waters and bring them to the ground. All migrants will be distributed in other European countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania. Nobody will stay in Malta ". The agreement, adds Muscat, was found following "discussions with the European Commission and a number of Member States, especially France and Germany".

France will welcome 150
"France reaffirms its solidarity: 150 people from the 356 rescued by the Ocean Viking ship" will be welcomed in our territory in the next few days ", announced French Interior Minister Christian Castaner, thanking the Maltese authorities, my counterpart Michael Farrugia with whom I have been in constant contact, and Dmitris Avramopoulos ", EU commissioner for immigration, for understanding." Together - concludes Castaner - we have succeeded in building a European solution ".

Ocean Viking, relief for solution, now serves the EU system
Sos Mediterranee and Msf "are relieved that a solution has been found by EU member states for the landing of the 356 people rescued by Ocean Viking in Malta. 14 days of unnecessary suffering. It is time for a shared and predictable European system to be defined ". The two NGOs write on Twitter after the Maltese premier announced the imminent landing.

Avramopoulos praises Muscat
"Positive that a solution for the people aboard the Ocean Viking has been found and that they will all be relocated," EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos wrote on Twitter, praising the Maltese government and its prime minister Joseph Muscat for "solidarity and the European approach". France, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg and Ireland have agreed to accept migrants on board. "These commitments must be honored quickly," said Avramopoulos.