Pasadena (AP) - The US space agency Nasa has named a stone on Mars after the Rolling Stones. The "Rolling Stones Rock" is a bit bigger than a golf ball, said NASA in Pasadena, California.

Set in motion by the engines of the NASA lander "InSight", he had rolled about a meter when he landed in November 2018. This is shown by photos of traces in the orange-red soil. So far, there has been no stone in the landing of a NASA spacecraft on another planet, said NASA.

For decades, the music of the Rolling Stones has spread all over the world, according to the announcement of the Space Agency. Now reach the influence of the English rock band Mars. "This is undoubtedly a milestone in our long and eventful history," the band rejoiced at their Pasadena concert Thursday night, just a few miles away from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which leads the Mars mission.

Official names for objects and locations in the solar system may award only the International Astronomical Union, said NASA. "Rolling Stones Rock" is therefore just a nickname, which makes it easier to name the stone in scientific articles. In addition, the unofficial name of the stone should help to make the work of the space agency known to music fans around the world.