Whether it's time for adjustments to enter the parliamentary congregation discussion between the nationals and citizens

The Congregation Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, and the House of Representatives, represented by the Prime Minister Noda and the former Prime Minister, have started discussions to join the parliamentary denominations. There are discrepancies in how to proceed with the procedures for merging and joining, and it is expected that adjustment will take time.

The President of the Constitutional Democratic Party and Representative Tamaki of the National Democratic Party previously agreed to join the denominations at the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives, as well as the National Assembly to Reconstruct Social Security. "I also decided to discuss with both parties for a merger."

In response to this, in order to proceed with concrete examinations regarding decision-making procedures and management methods as a denomination, a “department management council” will be set up soon.

However, while the Constitutional Democratic Party said, “It is not a subject of discussion, assuming that the party's policies regarding the constitution and nuclear power are understood. There is no need for consultation. "

In addition, the National Democratic Party and the “National Council for Reconstructing Social Security” want to take steps to formally join within the party and the faction after consideration by the Council, whereas the Constitutional Democratic Party holds a conference. It is expected that adjustments will be required because it has been requested to proceed in the party or in the faction before.