Japan-Korea defense exchanges are cancelled. Concerns about expanding movements to refrain from exchanges are also on August 24 at 5:08.

As the political conflict between Japan and Korea deepened, the Ministry of Defense interviewed that the exchange between the Ground Self-Defense Force and the Korean Army executive candidates scheduled for this month was canceled at the request of the Korean side. understood. This time, South Korea has announced that it has decided to abolish the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = “GSOMIA”, and there is a concern that the SDF will further expand its efforts to refrain from exchanges at the field level.

In order to foster a relationship of trust between the JGSDF executive cadets and the Korean Army military schools, exchanges are held between 10 to several hundred cadres once a year. I was doing business, and the adjustment was underway with the Korean side scheduled to visit Japan at the end of this month.

However, according to the Ministry of Defense, there has been an offer to cancel the dispatch of the word from the Korean side so far, and it has been officially canceled.

Although there is no detailed explanation about the reason from the Korean side, officials of the Ministry of Defense see the political conflict between Japan and Korea as the background.

The Self-Defense Forces and the Korean Army have continued exchanges between international students and researchers in order to maintain mutual understanding and trust while the Japan-Korea relationship deteriorates. Some people are concerned that the decision to abandon will further expand the movement of the SDF to refrain from exchanges at the field level.