FamilyMart Expanded to 700 short-time experiments, explained to owners August 23, 15:55

While the convenience store's 24-hour operation became a problem, FamilyMart decided to increase the number of short-time experimental stores to 700 at the maximum, and held a briefing for owners of franchise member stores on the 23rd.

In a survey of franchise affiliates nationwide regarding short-time sales in June, FamilyMart responded that about half of 7,000 stores “want to consider short-term sales”.

For this reason, we decided to increase the number of short-time sales experiments conducted at 24 member stores to 700 after the middle of October.

About 160 people attended the briefing session, and the company first explained that as a result of previous short-term sales experiments, stores along residential streets and main roads tend to affect the number of customers and sales. Did.

The owner asked a series of questions, such as whether support for merchants at the headquarters would change if sales decreased due to short-term sales, and how to deal with employees during late-night hours.

On the other hand, the company explained that support for member stores did not change even if sales declined, and that employees were asked to work at nearby stores.

The company will conduct short-term sales experiments until mid-December, analyze the results, and show future policies.

"No impact on profits" "I can't raise the hourly salary any more"

A female owner of a store in Ibaraki Prefecture who participated in the briefing session said, “Because there is a shortage of manpower and sales are low even if the store is open late at night, I would like to participate in a short-time business experiment. In the meantime, closing the store in the middle of the night does n’t have a bad impact on profits. ”

In addition, the store manager in Chiba Prefecture said, “The convenience store has many operations such as delivery, washing, and customer service, but the hourly wage is not so high compared to other industries. The hourly wage is 1240 yen, but people do not gather. If you close the store, the sales will decrease, but it is difficult to raise the hourly wage any more, so I wonder if I should stop working 24 hours a day. "

President Sawada “A method that owners can understand”

After the briefing, FamilyMart President Takashi Sawada told reporters, “Time-short sales are unavoidable for the company as well, but it is inevitable that costs will increase due to a decline in sales and logistics costs. , I want to think of a way that owners can agree with. "