Travel Expo in Seoul August 23, 17:55

Following the worsening of the relationship between Japan and South Korea, it was found that a major Korean travel agency stopped setting up a Japanese booth at a travel exhibition in Seoul next month and refused to exhibit.

South Korea's major travel company “MODETOUR” will hold a large-scale travel expo at an international exhibition hall in Seoul for three days from 6th of next month. It was.

In Nagasaki Prefecture, Goto City and Shinkami Gotomachi were preparing for the exhibition, but according to the Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Federation, the person in charge of “MODETOR” received a deterioration in Japan-Korea relations earlier this month. It was reported that the Japanese booth was canceled and the exhibition was refused.

Mr. Taisei Miyazaki, Director of Nagasaki Tourism Federation, said, “I am very sorry because I was preparing as a precious place to convey the charm of Nagasaki. I hope that Japan-Korea relations will improve soon.” .

According to "MODETOUR", last year's exposition, where approximately 110,000 people visited, was organized by organizations from 56 countries, including 31 local governments in Japan, including Nagasaki Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture. And travel agencies were exhibiting.

The person in charge of MODETOUR explained, “We had to cancel the installation of the Japanese booth as the number of tourists heading from Korea to Japan decreased significantly.”