Korean tourists drastically decrease at Arima Onsen Response discussion on August 23 at 17:04

As the relationship between Japan and South Korea worsened, the number of Korean tourists in Arima Onsen, one of the largest hot spring areas in Kansai and Kobe, was decreasing.

According to the Arima Hot Springs Tourism Association, the number of guests from South Korea will increase every year during the Bon Festival period in Korea, but this is expected to decrease significantly.

Of these, the 800-year-old established inn is a typical year, with several dozens of Korean tourists making reservations at this time, but the number of visitors from other countries, such as China, is increasing. Reservation from is only about a quarter of last year.

At Arima Onsen, some souvenir shops have also been affected, and among them, stores selling croquettes that are easy to eat in hot springs for foreigners have reduced the number of Korean customers by half. It means that

The Arima Hot Springs Tourism Association held a board meeting on the 23rd to discuss responses.However, it is difficult to attract visitors from South Korea in the current situation where improvement in Japan-Korea relations is not expected. I decided to collaborate with travel agencies in various countries.

Arima Onsen Tourism Association Chairman Hiroshi Kanai said, “There are no signs of a change in the tide of Japan-Korea relations.