To participate in NHK "TVer" August 23 16:39

NHK will broadcast some broadcast programs from 26th of this month on the TV commercial TV commercial "TVer" operated by five companies in Tokyo.

“TVer” is a broadcast service that lets you watch programs such as dramas and varieties broadcasted by private broadcasters for free for approximately one week after broadcasting through Internet sites and smartphone apps. The company operates.

NHK has decided to participate in “TVer” as an opportunity to increase program viewing opportunities, promote understanding of public broadcasting, and promote collaboration and collaboration with private broadcasters.

From 26th of this month, eight programs such as “Darwin has come!”, “Kyoto's Cooking Beginners”, and “Heart Net TV” will be distributed sequentially.

In “TVer”, commercials flow at the beginning of the program, but since NHK is prohibited from advertising, NHK distribution programs will flow information on content that leads to understanding of public broadcasting. It is.

On the other hand, in NHK, NHK's original simultaneous simultaneous distribution and overlooked programs were received in response to the establishment of the revised broadcasting law that includes the new approval of NHK's continuous simultaneous distribution of TV broadcasts to the Internet. We are going to implement the delivery service of and are preparing for the start.