On Friday, 24 migrants were rescued off Dunkirk as they attempted to reach Britain. These clandestine crossings are increasing, and pose a major risk for people on board craft.

The regular crossings of the Channel by migrants, aboard small craft, will be about discussions between London and Paris.

65 people sent back to Europe since January

British Home Secretary Priti Patel will discuss "in the coming days" with her French counterpart Christophe Castaner the fight against these illegal crossings, said a spokesman for the Home Office.

On Thursday, four small boats carrying a total of 37 migrants from France to England were intercepted by British authorities, according to the Home Office. Saying for the most part Iranians, they were taken to Dover. "We continue to monitor the situation and are working closely with the French authorities on this issue at all levels, and the Minister of the Interior will discuss the matter with her French counterpart in the coming days," the spokesman said. "Since January, we have sent back to Europe over 65 people illegally arrived in small boats," he detailed.

Regular relief operations

The crossing of the Channel on small boats is made particularly dangerous by the density of the maritime traffic, the strong currents and the low temperature of the water. Twenty-four migrants, including seven miners, were rescued off Dunkirk in the night from Thursday to Friday as they tried to cross the English Channel in a RIB to reach Britain. On Sunday, a swimmer in distress was seen in the Channel, his body was never found. It would probably be a migrant, according to the authorities. "Crossing the Channel in a small boat is very risky, criminal gangs that practice this method are ruthless and do not care about the loss of life," warned the spokesman.

Three British border police (Border Force) patrol the Channel, according to the Home Office. London and Paris signed a cooperation agreement in January to combat illegal Channel crossings by dismantling smugglers' channels and preventing migrant departures to England.