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Jailed a couple in Albacete for the death of their two babies in a year and a half


Omar RM died on January 23, 2018 at the Albacete hospital with only four months of life after spending several days in the UVI and as a result of a head injury

Omar RM died on January 23, 2018 in the hospital of Albacete with only four months of life after spending several days in the UVI and as a result of a head injury that caused a cerebral hemorrhage. It was the first son of Germán RT , 28 years old, and Aroha MG , 27, a couple resident in the Albacete town of Caudete . The parents did not give the Civil Guard a convincing explanation of how the baby had fractured the skull - "they only said that they had found him crying," police sources explain - so that they opened an investigation as suspects of a homicide. unwise.

Germán and Aroha were not arrested and continued with their life, apparently that of a normal couple. Four months after Omar's death, she became pregnant again and on February 18, 2019 she gave birth to another male, whom they called Dylan . The little boy lived exactly the same number of days as his brother: 131.

On June 29, when the investigation was still ongoing for the death of the first child, emergency services went to the family home alerted by the parents themselves. Dylan was already dead when the ambulance arrived. The toilets thought he had suffered a sudden death.

Rib fractures

The autopsy, however, would dictate something else quite different: the baby had multiple fractures in several ribs that had caused the perforation of a lung. Forensics added in their report that there was evidence of previous tears in their bones. The event immediately passed to the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Albacete, who arrested the parents on July 4. The judge who handled the case - still in the investigation phase - took their statement and ordered their entry into the La Torrecica prison, where they are still in pretrial detention.

Germán and Aroha started a relationship about four years ago. She, who lived in the neighboring town of Elda , already in the province of Alicante , then moved to live with him to an apartment in the center of Caudete. Germán has worked as a farmer's pawn and after an unemployed time or with sporadic contracts he found accommodation a few months ago at a local gardening company. She had no job now, but has been busy in the shoe manufacturing industry. Both are volunteers in the Civil Protection service of the town. A profile that apparently does not match the facts for which they are investigated. In their family environments they totally discard the use of narcotic drugs or any psychiatric pathology that could be the origin of a violent attitude towards their babies.

"My client maintains his innocence," explains Joaquín Valiente , the lawyer who represents Germán. "He says he has no idea how babies have been able to cause these injuries, that he finds no explanation for the deaths." The statements of Aroha, who has a different lawyer - with whom EL MUNDO has not been able to contact because he is on vacation outside of Spain - have been equally exculpatory. Nor, he said, understand what happened to your children.

"A very fat stick"

"I am wishing more than anyone else to know what has happened, because this has been a very fat stick," says Rosa , Aroha's mother and grandmother, both of the two deceased children. "I have gone to see her [her daughter] in prison, and I ask her and she says nothing, she is silent. She just says: 'Mom, get me out of here.'" Despite this silence, Rosa believes in the innocence of her daughter: "I put her hand in the fire because she has raised two nieces of mine alone as a child. She would get up every three hours, change them, shower them, he took his shots ... "

The same faith in Germán and Aroha have their partners in the Civil Protection service of Caudete. "Until a judge says they have been we do not believe it because we know them and we think they would be unable to harm anyone. They are excellent people, helpful, hardworking ... The first to offer when there has been a forest fire or dangerous exits, "says one of them. "The day the second creature died the father almost had a heart attack; it was to see how he was. The girl had to be taken to the health center to be given a valium and Germán also had to give him a pill because it gave him a heart attack".

In the moments after the death of the first child, the parents pointed to medical malpractice - specifically, the vaccines they had recently put in - and noted the possibility of taking legal action. The mother then posted a picture of her son on Facebook and a message asking for justice. "I miss you so much, my mother, my little one, but this is going to be paid for what they have done to you. I love you my Omar, wherever you are I will always carry my life and my heart in my head." The autopsy dismantled this theory.

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