The online video platform YouTube has blocked 210 channels that are said to have set the mood against the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Videos have been uploaded to the protests in Hong Kong in a coordinated manner, said parent company Google.

The findings would coincide with statements from online services Twitter and Facebook to China. Twitter and Facebook accused China at the start of the week of controlling an online anti-democracy campaign in Hong Kong. The US corporations therefore blocked numerous user accounts.

Twitter spoke of trying to sow "political discord" in Hong Kong. One of the goals was to weaken the "legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement" in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

In Hong Kong, there have been mass demonstrations for weeks of democracy and Beijing's growing influence. The Chinese government has threatened the demonstrators in the Special Administrative Region ever more blatantly. So she linked the demonstrators with "terrorism" and sent troops to the border. Recently, the concern about a Chinese military operation grew.