Jonathan Holm competes for Strands IF in Hudiksvall, but has been trained for two years by Håkan Andersson and Joakim Svedberg in Sundsvall. In the two years he has only been injury-free for the last half-year, but still achieved results that surprised many this season. He is currently the seventh fastest in Sweden at 110 meters hurdles.

Hear Jonathan and his coach talk about his success and form ahead of Finnkampen in the clip above.

One of the best in Europe

Just a few weeks ago, Jonathan Holm represented Sweden in the European Championships in Athletics in Poland. There he showed that he can compete with the best runners in Europe and is someone that many are looking a little extra at right now. Federal Captain Karin Torneklint is one of them.

- After participating in the Team European Championship, it feels like he has much more to give. He did very well against the other European runners after five to six hurdles. Then he couldn't manage to keep going all the way so when he gets to more races and more training I think it can be really good, says Torneklint.

Personal record

Coach Joakim Svedberg is impressed with the results, but believes Jonathan Holm has much more to give.

- He is very fast-paced, but he does not have the right top speed and endurance yet, partly because he has missed a lot of training and we cannot take everything at once.

Svedberg says that the 25-year-old has already set a personal record by almost half a second.

- At this age, you have to be satisfied if you take a new record of a few hundred parts in a season. So what he has done is almost incomparable.

That Jonathan has his eyes on him, he takes it easy.

- My goal is to try to be as good as possible. I have not put a special lock. I intend to keep going as long as I feel I can get better and at present I feel kind of like the beginning. It's fun, he says.