Paris (AFP)

Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS, judges Friday that the rally of the left and the ecologists is "imperative" in the prospect of 2022, otherwise it will be "the red carpet for the re-election of Emmanuel Macron".

Asked by Le Parisien whether they will present a single candidate for the next presidential election, he believes that "what is certain is that the division, with five or six candidates left in the presidential election, it is is the red carpet for the re-election of Emmanuel Macron ".

"The rally is not the erasure" and it is "imperative", he says while the PS Summer Universities open in La Rochelle. EELV and LFI hold theirs distinctly in Toulouse.

"The left and the ecologists carry a common humanist message (...) The climatic inequalities reinforce the social inequalities.The economic liberalism is toxic for the men as for the planet", justifies it.

Faced with those who consider that former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve could apply for a PS in 2022, Olivier Faure believes that "his experience is precious and expected." "But do not mix everything in. The time to choose the presidential incarnation did not come in. 2022 is in three years! Let's start with the ideas."

Thursday, the PS PS Raphael Glucksmann, head of list PS / Place public at the European, had estimated that the left parties, converted to "green software", must now merge into "a movement" that will build " a single offer "for 2022.

The former minister and current PS mayor of Le Mans Sebastian Le Foll considers him, that "today the PS manages alliances, electoral deadlines, but cruelly lacks a debate of substance". "Olivier Faure and Raphael Glucksmann are following their line of unity and surpassing, while they have not thought the political project.The addition of parties has never made a policy", he laments in a interview at Figaro on Friday.

For him, "contrary to what Raphaël Glucksmann thinks, which is for sobriety, limitation and constraint, there is room for an idea of ​​progress that is not behavioral and moralistic ecology. between productivism and decay that we can invest, but we must design it, build it. "

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