Dubai police have arrested two people from an Arab country who specialized in stealing bags and mobile phones from pedestrians in some public places in the Bur Dubai area, independent of a motorcycle in the implementation of thefts and escape to an unknown destination, in less than 48 hours of receiving the report.

Brigadier General Jamal Al-Jallaf, director of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, said that a report was received by the Command and Control Center in the General Directorate of Operations that a robbery was committed by a passerby in the jurisdiction of Bur Dubai Police Station, which was carried out by two persons and fled to an unknown destination.

He added that the Criminal Investigation Department, upon receipt of the communication, formed task forces and determined the competencies of each team according to the plan that was developed, and through the process of investigation, investigation and analysis of the incident at the Center for Analysis of Criminal Data in Dubai Police, the whereabouts of the accused and arrested in less than 48 hours.

Confronted with the defendants, they confessed to committing the incident by stealing bags and mobile phones from pedestrians, where all the stolen items were recovered and transferred to the competent authorities to complete the legal procedures.

The Assistant Commander in Chief of Criminal Research Affairs, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, praised the field work team in the Criminal Investigation Department at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Investigations, stressing that the readiness of the Department and its field teams gives it the ability to deal with all events at all times with high accuracy and professionalism.

He said that the rapid response of the team of research and investigation men in the General Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Investigations, and their work accurately and professionally led to the arrest of the perpetrators within a short period, pointing out that the team is qualified and trained at the highest level and has long experience to be able to detect crime, and is ready for all modern security challenges He was able to cope with the developments of crime through the application of the best security programs through the data analysis center in the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations, which was established and launched by the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

He explained that the team uses the latest modern technologies in artificial intelligence programs, which helps men research and investigation in the analysis of all criminal crimes in all areas of the Emirate of Dubai, and identify hot areas of them, and then conduct a comprehensive analysis and studies on the causes of these crimes, and gaps in them and work to address them And develop solutions in cooperation with strategic partners in these areas, which contributed to the reduction of crime rates, based on the results of analyzes conducted and applied on the ground.