Overweight is the epidemic of the modern world, and many seek to get rid of it. To this end, some people use recipes that they find on social media sites, which are often unhealthy.

In this report, published by the Russian site "FPR" Russian writer Diana Ferman addressed the most common misconceptions about nutrition and nutritional errors that lead to weight gain.

Calories are not equal
Calories are not equal, and in turn are divided into healthy and unhealthy. The calories provided by vegetables are healthy, while the calories contained in junk food are unhealthy.

2 - dependence on low-fat food
Some believe that lean processed foods are the perfect choice when it comes to weight loss, but that's not true. These foods often contain large amounts of sugar to improve their taste. Instead of keeping you low-fat foods in good shape, they help stimulate hunger, making you eat more.

3 - fear of protein consumption
Protein is one of the most important nutrients. A high-protein diet helps to improve metabolism (chemical reactions that sustain human life), reduce hunger, and positively affect certain hormones that regulate weight. Protein also helps protect muscle mass during weight loss. Studies have shown that a high-protein diet can help control appetite and improve body condition.

4 - lack of fiber in the diet
Adding enough fiber to the diet contributes to appetite control, thus eating less. Fiber also helps in weight loss by helping the body absorb fewer calories than other foods.

Studies suggest that doubling fiber intake - like whole grain bread - on a daily basis reduces calorie intake.

5 - eat if you are not hungry
In case you want to lose weight, you should eat at least five small meals a day. Eating only when you feel hungry is the key to losing weight.

6 - neglecting breakfast
Neglecting breakfast is one of the nutritional errors that make us gain extra weight. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast consume fewer calories at lunch, compared to those who ignore the meal.

7- Canned fruit juice
People who are on a weight-loss diet often stop drinking soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages, while they tend to consume canned fruit juice, ignoring the fact that these products also lead to weight gain.

Eat processed foods

Studies have shown that processed foods are the main cause of the current obesity epidemic.

9 - not to include fresh fruits in the diet
Lack of fresh fruit in the diet of factors that complicate the process of weight loss. Watermelons, pears, apples and lemons are considered fruit-weight-loss agents.