Nuremberg (dpa) - The Federal Association of private breweries calls for a nationwide uniform Pfanderhöhung for beer crates to at least 5 €. That said Roland Demleitner, Managing Director of the Association of Private Brewers Germany, the German Press Agency.

Currently, the deposit for empty beer crates is usually 1.50 euros. If there was no nationwide agreement by the end of the year, the German deposit system would shatter, warned Demleitner. "The pledge has certainly not been raised for 40 years."

Background of the discussion: For the money it is not worthwhile for many consumers and wholesalers to return the boxes back to the breweries, said the head of the association. So the breweries are forced to buy new boxes again and again - and that goes into the money.

Bavaria threatens to go it alone: ​​40 brewers in the Free State want to increase the pledge on empty beer crates from March 2020 to six euros, if there is no nationwide uniform Pfanderhöhung for the boxes. This was announced by Georg Rittmayer, President of the Private Brewers Association of Bavaria. Previously, the "Bild" newspaper reported on it. "We want a nationwide solution, but maybe it's only with pressure," said Rittmayer the dpa. Since the beginning of the year, talks have been held between brewery associations throughout Germany in order to raise the pledge uniformly.

The Private Brewers Association claims to own 800 breweries from all over Germany.