Another person has moved from Forum for Democracy (FVD) to Henk Otten. Cornelis van den Berg was chosen for the party of Thierry Baudet as a States member in Flevoland, but can no longer agree with the race, the AD reported Friday.

Earlier this week, former FVD senators Dorien Rookmaker and Jeroen de Vries announced that they would join the new Otten group in the Senate. They also denounce Baudet's performance.

Van den Berg mentions in particular the way in which Otten was treated by FVD as a reason to leave the party.

"The board has not corrected this action and thereby made it implicit. Thierry Baudet not only acted as a prosecutor and judge, but completed his action by canceling Henk Otten," the AD quotes Van den Berg's letter of cancellation to the FVD board.

Otten was expelled by FVD at the end of July because of "financial malpractice and administrative misconduct". Otten disputes those allegations and decided to keep his seat in the Senate.

"Baudet fell for me"

The Baudet course is also an important reason for Van den Berg to trade in FVD for Otten. "I have a hangover from the history with Thierry Baudet. He fell for me."

Van den Berg calls Baudet "childish" in his letter. "He acts very self-willed. He has a chronic need for attention. And now he is gathering all sacks around him. That is not the party in which I want to function."

The member of the State who has passed away says he still supports the FVD positions, except for the plea to get the Netherlands out of the European Union (Nexit). "I was chosen by and for the Flevolanders on the basis of the program. I hold on to that, now that I have seen that the party has fallen into the wrong hands."

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