"Aegis Ashore" re-investigation Expected to take more than six months Ministry of Defense August 24, 4:55

The Ministry of Defense is planning to deploy the new interceptor missile system `` Aegis Ashore '', and it is expected that it will take more than half a year until the results are finalized in a re-survey starting next month. Impact is also expected.

Responsibility has spread around the deployment plan of the new intercept missile system “Aegis Ashore” due to mistakes in the survey data, etc. at the candidate site, and the Ministry of Defense will start out to investigate again next month.

Of these, in the re-investigation regarding the candidate site in Akita City, the road conditions required for re-examination and deployment at 20 locations including the exercise grounds in Aomori Prefecture, which were judged to be inappropriate as a candidate site. Etc. will be examined again.

In addition, the altitude of the candidate site in Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture will be re-examined, and the Ministry of Defense needs to conduct different surveys at multiple locations, so the government expects that it will take more than half a year to complete the results. It is expected that there will be a delay in the construction of the missile defense system.