One of the deputies received gray powder in an envelope with the message "Cécile, resigns before the disaster".

Tags, manure and an envelope with powder: two LREM deputies of Val-d'Oise have again seen their permanences vandalized a fortnight after first degradations, AFP learned Thursday from concordant sources. Since the ratification of the CETA treaty on July 23, several meetings of LREM deputies have been degraded in France, even sacked as in Perpignan on the sidelines of a demonstration of "yellow vests".

On Tuesday, MP Cécile Rilhac received at her permanence in Herblay-sur-Seine an envelope containing a suspicious powder, said a police source. It was his parliamentary colleague, Karim Boulkhoubz, who discovered the envelope. Inside, a threatening word: "Cécile, resigns before the disaster" and "a small amount of gray powder," he says. "There is nothing dangerous, it is pyrotechnic powder, used in firecrackers," he said after receiving Thursday the results of the laboratory.

Manure was also deposited at the entrance to the MP's office on Wednesday, and tags inscribed on the building: "GJ" (for "yellow vests") and "Crap Ceta", in reference to the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada.

Permanencies already degraded at the end of July

The same inscriptions were tagged on the permanence of Guillaume Vuilletet, in Méry-sur-Oise in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, indicates the police, stating that 30 kilos of horse manure were dumped in front of the door.

At the end of July, three meetings of LREM deputies from Val-d'Oise had already been tagged, including those of Cécile Rilhac and Guillaume Vuilletet. "Ceta vomir", "LREMERDE" or "ACAB" ("All cops are bastards") had been bombarded with black paint on the facade of buildings.