US Defense Secretary New Missile Launch Experiment Against China August 22 11:43

United States Secretary of Defense Esper said that INF = ground-launched cruise missile launch experiment conducted after the abolition of the medium-range nuclear missile treaty expired in China, which has been strengthening medium-range missiles without being bound by the treaty Clarified the idea that it was to compete.

This is what the US Secretary of Defense Esper said in an FOX News interview on the 21st.

In this, Secretary Esper said, “In view of China's economic power and ambition, it is a bigger issue than Russia in the long run and is the top priority of the Department of Defense.” However, he expressed the idea that it was a top priority issue.

On that basis, Esperan said that the United States had conducted the first ground-based cruise missile launch experiment on the 18th of this month after the INF abolition treaty expired. It is necessary to deter China's actions by possessing the missile's impact, '' he said. I made it.

On the other hand, Secretary Esper said about North Korea ’s repeated missile launches, “Our bigger concern is the long-range missile experiment. We need to see the whole picture of the problem.” To support it, I reiterated the idea that short-range missile launches are not a problem.

Secretary of the Secretary of Secretariat “Collaboration with America”

The secretary of the secretary said at a press conference, “We will refrain from commenting on each of the activities of the United States. “It is an important issue for our country that we are developing and deploying actual battles. We will continue to work closely with the United States.”