"According to the United States, the decision of Russia to violate the INF Treaty arose on the basis of many years of disappointment that it was forbidden to own medium-range ground-based missiles, even though the alleged threats within these ranges increased around its borders," RIA Novosti reports. quote from the report.

In addition, the report says that Russia made it clear that it wants to leave the INF Treaty back in 2004 at a meeting of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov with his American counterpart Donald Rumsfeld.

The report notes that by 2007, "Russia openly spoke of its desire to put an end to or change the INF Treaty."

On August 19, the Pentagon announced the test of a banned INF Treaty cruise missile. As noted in the military department, the development of a new rocket began in February.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that Washington was preparing to test the missile long before the INF Treaty ceased to exist.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on a US test of a missile banned by the INF Treaty.

As the head of state noted, "the Americans tested this rocket too quickly after announcing the withdrawal from the treaty."