The Social Democratic Party 15:34 on August 22 without leaving even after the congregation of standing people and people

The Congregational Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party, both of which are in the House of Councilors, over the parliament in the Diet have decided not to leave even after the Constitution Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party have joined.

Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Edano and National Democratic Party Representative Tamaki met on the 20th, and agreed to join the denominations at the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives. In response, the Social Democratic Party discussed the response at the standing secretariat on the 22nd and decided not to leave the House of Councilors after the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party joined.

On that basis, we confirmed our policy to keep an eye on whether the constitutional democratic party's amendments to the Constitutional Democratic Party and the assertions over nuclear policy would change.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives says that it will not join the denomination because it is necessary to raise the party's presence for the next dissolution general election.

The head of the city party also said at the press conference, “The opposition parties, which had been separated until now, will be different from each other. It ’s true that there is a difference between the two parties, so I ’d like the parties to coordinate. ”