Russian humanoid robot into space August 23, 5:59

The Russian government is the first to succeed in sending a domestic humanoid robot into outer space, and it seems that there is an aim to boost future space development.

Russian space development corporation Roscosmos launched a spacecraft Soyuz loaded with food and experimental equipment from the Baikonur space base in Kazakhstan toward the International Space Station on the 22nd.

This time, astronauts did not ride on Soyuz, but instead, the humanoid robot “Fyodor” developed by the Russian government was loaded.

"Fyodor" is 180 cm high and weighs 160 kg, and the Russian government started development five years ago to operate it in outer space and disaster sites.

This is the first time that we are sent to outer space, and we will check the movement in zero gravity in the Russian experimental space at the International Space Station for about two weeks.

Russia once boasted the world's number of satellite launches, but in the past few years it has failed and has fallen below the US and China.

Since the United States sent humanoid robots to space eight years ago, Russia seems to have the aim of gaining momentum for future space development by catching up with the United States.