The citizens and citizens actively participate in the constitutional debate

After the representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party agreed to join the group, the Komeito's president of the North Constitutional Research called for active participation in the constitutional debate in the Diet.

Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Edano and National Democratic Party Representative Tamaki met on the 20th and agreed to join the denominations in the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

In response to this, the chairman of the North Constitutional Survey of the Komeito Party was asked at the press conference about the impact on the constitutional debate. I would like you to participate actively, not to “can't hold a screening meeting”.

In addition, Mr. Kitabu said that the opposition party wanted to regulate TV advertising accompanying referendum, “We think that we should continue to hold a solid discussion. However, it is not easy to draw a conclusion. It ’s different that we do n’t let you discuss the constitution until it ’s out.