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NHK News Defense Minister Outlook for US Military Cooperation to Operate “Aircraft Carrier” Escort | NHK News


The government, over the operation of an escort ship that is effectively “aircraft carrier”, Defense Minister Iwaya said that the Self-Defense Forces had never operated a fighter plane on the escort ship.

US military cooperation for operation of "aircraft carrier" escort ship Defense minister forecasts August 22 14:03

The government, over the operation of an escort ship that is effectively `` aircraft carrier '', Defense Minister Iwaya gets the cooperation of the United States for the operation based on the fact that the SDF has never operated a fighter aircraft on the escort ship I showed the prospect that it would be.

Based on the “Defense Plan Outline” formulated last year, the government refurbished the IJMO, the largest escort ship of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and effectively made it an “aircraft carrier”, taking off at a short distance, and making a vertical landing. It is a policy to install and operate the state-of-the-art stealth fighter, F35B.

In this regard, Defense Minister Iwaya said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “Japan has never operated F35B on a ship. , You may be able to help us with inspections and tests, ”he said, and showed the prospects that we would get US cooperation in testing for operations.

On top of that, Minister Iwaya said, “I think we will do various joint training with the United States,” and in the future, including the operation of US military fighters on “Izumo.” Showed the idea of ​​conducting joint training.

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