Ministry of Defense Estimate Estimated to be the largest ever budget for this fiscal year

The Ministry of Defense's budget request for the next year's budget exceeds the initial budget that has increased for the seventh consecutive year, and the mission is to monitor suspicious satellites in order to strengthen defense capabilities in outer space. "Will be included in the expenses for establishing the" JASDF ".

The Ministry of Defense said that it would strengthen defense capabilities in areas such as space and cyber based on the “Defense Plan Outline” that was formulated last year. The policy is now set at about 5.3 trillion yen, exceeding the initial budget for this fiscal year.

Among these, based on the fact that SDF units share various information through satellite communications, a `` Space Operation Team '' that monitors suspicious artificial satellites and increasing space garbage will be newly established at the Fuchu base of the Air Self Defense Force The cost for is included.

Furthermore, as it is necessary to protect the communication network that connects the Self-Defense Force units, we will start developing equipment to neutralize aircraft that can interfere with radio waves and enemy aircraft radar from outside the range that the opponent can interfere with It is said.

In addition, the MSDF's largest escort ship "Izumo" is effectively renovated to become an aircraft carrier, and the state-of-the-art stealth fighter, F35B, is purchased in addition to the cost, and the transportation that the Ground Self-Defense Force introduces. In order to deploy the machine Osprey at Saga Airport, the cost of construction work is included.