Very heavy rain locally in Hokuriku Atmosphere unstable tomorrow August 22 12:16


Due to the influence of the front line, extremely heavy rain is falling locally in Hokuriku. At 23 days in western and eastern Japan, atmospheric conditions may become unstable and extremely heavy rains may occur, and caution is required for landslide disasters and inundation.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, warm and humid air flows from the Sea of ​​Japan to the eastern Japan, leading to unstable atmospheric conditions around Hokuriku and locally developing rain clouds.

In Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, a very heavy rain of 68 millimeters fell in the hour until around 10:30 am.

In the 1 hour period until 11 am, the rain gauges set up by the local governments are observing 49 millimeters of rain in Nakanoto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture and 30 millimeters in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.

Due to the rain so far, the risk of landslide disasters in Niigata Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, and Ishikawa Prefecture has increased greatly, and there are areas where “Sediment Disaster Warning Information” has been published.

The front line gradually moves southward on the 23rd, and the atmospheric conditions are expected to become unstable in a wide range of western Japan and eastern Japan, mainly in Hokuriku. There is a risk that it will rain very heavily.

The amount of rain that falls in 24 hours until noon on the 23rd is
▽ 150mm in Hokuriku,
▽ It is expected to be 100 mm in Kinki and Chugoku regions,
After that, 24 hours until 24 noon,
▽ 100mm to 150mm in Kinki,
▽ We expect 50 to 100 mm of rain in Hokuriku.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is wary of earth and sand disasters, flooding of low land, and flooding of rivers in areas with heavy rainfall, and calls for careful attention to lightning and tornado gusts.