Arrested a former employee of Nomura Securities Suspected of fraud of over 5 million yen in the investment story August 22, 21:53

A former employee of Nomura Securities was arrested on suspicion of fraud for allegedly fraudulently spending more than 5 million yen by talking to a previous customer about a lie.

Arrested by a former employee of Nomura Securities, part-time job in Zama City, Kanagawa, and suspected Narumura Nakamura (29).

According to the police, in April, a company in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, said a company that is listed on a company officer's man and said, “There is no mistake,” and the stock was replaced. There is a suspicion of fraud as if you bought it and tricked 5.6 million yen.

Prior to retiring from Nomura Securities three years ago, Mr. Nakamura worked at the Himeji branch and was in contact with the victim's man who was then a customer.

The police are investigating how to use the funds they had stored because they had not purchased stocks.

Nomura Securities “Apology from the bottom of my heart”

Nomura Securities said that the former employee was arrested on suspicion of fraud. “We apologize and deeply apologize for the concerns and inconveniences of our customers and all those involved. "We will endeavor to ensure thorough compliance with laws and foster high professional ethics."

Concerning this issue, Nomura Securities last month took an unusual response by issuing a document to warn that a former employee might be dealing with a fictitious product for a company customer. It was.

In-house investigations are also underway, assuming that active employees may also be involved.