Former Prime Minister Noda's delegation entered into discussion with the local people and citizens to join the group August 22 18:38

In response to the fact that the representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party have agreed to join the denomination, the House of Representatives, the representative of the House of Representatives, represented by the former Prime Minister Noda, Decided to go into consultation.

Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Edano and National Democratic Party Representative Tamaki met on the 20th, and agreed to join the denominations at the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

In response, the Congregation Democratic Party's request to join the parliamentary party, the “National Conference to Rehabilitate Social Security,” was held on the 22nd by former Prime Minister Noda and former Foreign Minister Genba. All people discussed the response.

Among them, attendees pointed out that the gathering of opposition parties is indispensable, and there were many positive opinions in the confluence, while `` the debate is necessary to discuss how to operate the faction so that it is not controlled by the Constitutional Democratic Party. '' It has been issued.

Then, he decided to enter into discussions with the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party for the merger, and Mr. Noda had a meeting with Mr. Edano on the 23rd, and was established to discuss new group management methods, etc. "To join."

Former Prime Minister Noda told reporters, “I want to make a strong first party party because I have come here.