US-Japan Trade Negotiations Tomorrow's second day ministerial talks August 22 17:42

The trade negotiations between Japan and the United States in Washington will be held on the second day from the early morning of the 23rd. Negotiations on how far both the US and Japan can go are continuing over the opening of the agricultural product market that the United States demands and the reduction of tariffs on automobiles that Japan demands.

Japan-US ministerial talks between the Minister for Economic Recovery in Japan and the Trade Representative for Lightheiser continued in the beginning of this month for approximately 5 hours in Washington again from the early morning of 22nd Japan time.

After the discussion, Minister Mogi stated that “the issues to be closed have been considerably narrowed down,” while he acknowledges that the negotiations are coming to a close. “There are certain gaps that must still be filled,” he said. , It was difficult to walk up with challenges that differed in position.

The government negotiators looked back on the talks on the 22nd, saying that “the most intense debate has been held so far,” and then opened up the agricultural product market demanded by the United States, as well as the automobiles and related parts required by Japan. It shows that there is ongoing debate over how far we can go to reduce the tariffs on industrial products, including the beginning.

The ministerial talks are scheduled to be held on the second day from dawn on the 23rd of Japan time, and the two governments will meet with Prime Minister Abe and President Trump in time for the G7 summit in France starting on the 24th. After that, I would like to hold a summit again at the United Nations General Assembly late next month to achieve certain results.