As SVT News has reported, private individuals donated hundreds of thousands of kronor to the political parties during the 2018 election year. Among the ten people who donated the most money to political parties and organizations are the Skåne business profile and billionaire Dan Olofsson and liberal municipal politician Michael Cocozza.

The fact that several left parties place themselves on the top ten list is partly due to the fact that the party has a party tax which means that everyone who represents the Left party gives a certain proportion of their fees to the party.

Here is the top ten list
  • Dan Olofsson via Danir Group: SEK 1.2 million to KD
  • Michael Cocozza, Linköping, SEK 1 million to L
  • Harry Lööv, Stockholm, SEK 598,000 to SSU
  • Malin Björk, EU parliamentarian, SEK 464,164 to V
  • Private person in Stockholm *, SEK 250,000 to FI in Stockholm
  • May Adriansson, Heritage, Uppsala, SEK 230,000 to KD
  • Private person in Gothenburg *, SEK 220,000 to the Democrats
  • Lage Jonason, Djursholm, SEK 170,000 to KD in Danderyd and Sara Skyttedal
  • Ali Esbati, Member of Parliament, SEK 156,973 to V
  • Jens Holm, Member of Parliament, SEK 142,000 to V
  • * SVT has not succeeded in reaching two of the private individuals on the list and thus decided not to publish their name at the moment.