GSOMIA US government official response but seriously accepted but August 22 20:27

The US government hasn't officially responded so far, but it seems to have taken the situation seriously.

The United States government is in a position that cooperation between Japan, the United States, and South Korea is indispensable in responding to North Korea, which repeats missile launches, and China, which is accelerating ocean expansion. Has been positioned as the key.

President Trump also expressed concern about the impact on the collaboration between Japan, the US and South Korea, saying that “Japan and South Korea should be in an alliance with us and put us in a difficult position” regarding the worsening relationship between Japan and Korea. It was.

The Secretary of Defense Esper, who visited Korea this month, directly urged the Korean side to continue the agreement, and the head of the US Marine Corps, General Commander Burger, who visited Japan, extended the agreement at a press conference on the 21st. Appealing the need.

A US Department of Defense official said, “The Korean army is also professional, and will eventually settle down to extend the agreement.”

Until now, the US government has consistently urged both sides to resolve issues through dialogue from the standpoint of not intervening directly in the conflict between Japan and South Korea. There is a possibility that it will affect the national interests and take some action.