GSOMIA Destroyed Foreign Minister Kono "Protest Profoundly" Announcement Discourse August 22 21:59

Foreign Minister Kono has announced a statement that South Korea has decided to protest in response to the announcement that Korea has decided to abolish the "GSOMIA" = Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement without extending it.

In this context, Foreign Minister Kono stated that “This agreement has strengthened cooperation and cooperation between Japan and Korea in the field of security and has contributed to regional peace and stability. In spite of this, the Korean government's decision to end this agreement is a completely misunderstood response to the current local security environment. It ’s extremely regrettable. ”

“In the context of security, the Korean government linked the decision of the termination of the agreement by the Korean government and the recent review of the operation of export control by Japan in the context of security. “I ca n’t accept Korea ’s claims at all, and I strongly protest the Korean government.”

On top of that, “Japan-Korea relations are currently in a very difficult situation due to a series of extremely negative and irrational movements from the Korean side, including this decision. Based on this consistent position, we will continue to strongly seek sensible responses from the Korean side, ”he said.