Discrimination and violence against Rohingya. Pursuit of military responsibility UN report August 23, 6:46

The United Nations has released a report showing that the minorities of Rohingya in Myanmar are receiving systematic discrimination and sexual violence from soldiers, pointing out that the Myanmar government should pursue military responsibility However, the Myanmar side is not responding, and there is no way to improve human rights violations.

This report summarizes the results of interviews conducted by an independent investigative committee appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council from Rohingya, a minority of Myanmar who evacuated to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, and Malaysia. Investigator Radika Kumalaswami held a press conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the 22nd.

In this, investigator Kumaraswami said in Myanmar's western Rakhine State, "Myanmar forces are systematically and strategically threatening and punishing Rohingya people" He pointed out that discrimination and sexual violence against women are becoming normal.

Furthermore, the Myanmar army said that it was found that forced labor was rampant, stating that the Rohingya people were forced to work as luggage carriers and cooks.

In addition, investigator Kumalaswami revealed that he had submitted a report to the Myanmar government that he should pursue military responsibilities, but there was no response from the Myanmar side, which improved human rights violations. The path is not visible.