by Fabrizio Patti 22 August 2019Continue the swing of the stock exchanges this week. Two days ago European stock markets all with the minus sign, yesterday uphill by an average point and a half, today still in red: opening with a Frankfurt, Paris and London descent, then reduced to two tenths of a point. Opening in red for Piazza Affari, which then changes towards, now marks + 0.17%. The spread still falls: -4 basis points for the ten-year Italian BTP, to 1.29% of yield. -1 points for the German bund. The spread is now at 198 points. Asian bourses are also weak this morning, particularly with Hong Kong, which is losing a percentage point. Around parity, instead, Shanghai and Tokyo. Wall Street yesterday closed almost one point higher. Yesterday the minutes of the last meeting of the US central bank, the Fed, were released with comments from board members. There are no clear indications of new rate cuts, the reduction of a quarter of a point decided at the end of July is defined as a "mid-cycle adjustment". President Trump in recent days has returned to asking for a cut of 100 basis points. Now the wait is for the Fed governor's speech, Jerome Powell, tomorrow at the informal meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A Piazza Affari descends for StMicroelectronics, after a bullish trend that lasted from mid-August. Worst titles on the Ftse Mib Leonardo, -1.21%. Greater growth for Juventus (+ 1.47%) and Amplifon (+ 0.93%).