Yemen Iran-supported rebels shoot down U.S. drone August 22 at 7:57

In Yemen in the Middle East where the civil war continues, the Iran-backed anti-government force "Fushi" has revealed that it has shot down U.S. drones, and the situation is in tension while the US and Iran continue to be in tension Is a concern.

In Yemen, the civil war has continued for more than four years between the Hadi government supported by Saudi Arabia and other rebels supported by Iran.

On the 20th, a Fusi army military spokesman revealed that he shot down an American unmanned attack aircraft MQ9 reaper flying over the southwestern region of Damar, which is the dominant area.

The Fushi group also released a video that appears to be collecting parts from a crashed aircraft. This attack is likely to be part of the retaliation against Saudi Arabia, which has increased air strikes against the Husi faction, and the US, which supports it in information.

On the other hand, while the US military avoids confirming on the 21st in the statement that it is currently under investigation, `` Iran's challenge issuance and support for powers like the Hoosians are stable to the Middle East and to American partners It was a serious threat, ”accusing Iran of supporting rebels.

The Husi faction has shot down US drones in June, but there are concerns over the impact on the situation as tensions continue between the United States and Iran.